Procurement of Office Chairs Part 3


Sitting at my desk today I find myself looking at a remodeling of some office space. It is going a revamping of 80´s style all hardwood finish, tempered glass doors and tile rugged rug floors. The type you might find in a Wall Street movie of past decades. The idea is to put a modern open space finish to this building constructed in the seventies. The top floor was the first to be remodeled, where the C-type executives are. Interesting enough although most of them furnished a lavish large hardwood desk and other complementing furniture, all had modern Herman Miller nine adjustment point chairs. If you want business status you get the nice car, on the nice parking spot, a corner office and THE NICE CHAIR. That said some of the second line management had order similar chairs as the C-suites, in order to follow their leaders.

When the new offices for the top management were built, new chairs came with the new desk. Great new furnishings from the top of Herman Miller catalog. Durable, ergonomic, all around good looking. The old 9 point adjustable chairs needed a new home, nine from the top floor. There is a presidential meeting room in the following floor that can sit fifteen people. A very fancy round table with all automated around, but with very old leather meeting chairs. Comfortable three points of adjustment leather padded high back. They are mostly all worn out and the adjustments are no longer functional.

The decision with very little thought was to move the nine chairs, the spares from the top management, and put them in the next floors presidential meeting room. Since there are fifteen places at this room, someone decided to take the ones from the second line management to complete de six missing. They replaced them with the old leather ones from the meeting room. Now you have fifteen chairs with nine points of adjustment for a meeting room and six people with meeting room chairs that are no longer functional at their desk.

The people that attend meetings at the presidential meeting room now spend fifteen to twenty minutes adjusting their chair at the beginning of every meeting. Sometimes some people don´t stop adjusting their chair during the entire meeting. When you are finally adjusted in your chair is time to leave the room, the meeting is over!

On the other hand six managers that sit on their desk for fourteen hours straight are dealing with chairs that can hardly be adjusted and the little adjustment they have is not functional. Also a hot padded leather seating and back. A complete killer in ergonomic health sake!

Chairs are not just any place to seat in terms of office use. They are tools of the trade for executives in an office environment. They can bring productivity and prevent health problems. Take time to look into the chair you are going to use and get proper advice from the experts on the best solution for your individual needs. As a manager or leader of and organization, make sure to take care of the chairs your team sit in. Budget wise you can buy different price range chairs but don´t be fooled that you have to spend a fortune in order to get a suitable chair. Different price chairs are different quality chairs in terms of durability mainly. There are low, medium and high price chairs that work well for all main office needs.

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