Where do we go from here? (after covid-19)

By now we all realized that business, travel, work, life! Will never go back to the way it was before the Covid–19 pandemic. A deep-rooted change has been made to humanity. How, we can only guess for now. For example, work from home. Some never tried it before and thought of it impossible, now is working just fine. Some business owners are looking at an empty office space and thinking, can I do without less office space and save a bundle? Deep change in the way we socialize. How can we coupe without gatherings? Large and small. All that will change. Travel will change too.

A change was happening even before the pandemic. A digital era was upon us. Also, artificial intelligence was really picking up speed. Not to forget that a home office less commute movement has been around for a while. The Pandemic just added speed to the process. All the sudden was the solution to being in the business or not.

We can only guess how is going to be when the crisis passes by. For starters how or when is the pandemic over? Experts say it´s going to be over when a vaccine is developed. But not when we have approval for one, but when a global effort is done to vaccinate must of the people. How long will that take? Nobody knows for sure but is going to be more than a year or two. So, let´s say we see a worldwide vaccination done in let´s say, superfast, three years. That time is going to change things that will probably never go back.


I will not go into home office or schools or social gatherings but a little into business. The landscape to me will be like a 1950´s post war era. Lots of prosperity. Lots of innovations and a lot of business. Of course, a recession will probably happen first, and this is a landscape when that is over. New business models for a lot of industries like Food and Beverage, travel and leisure. Arts and entertainment will take a whole new form. Industry will have a new innovative model for the way goods are designed, moved and sold. The 1980s shopping mall will die and give birth to something very different.

If all these changes happen what about the supply chain? Well if there is something that needs to adapt quickly and has done so in history is the Supply Chain! It will become what the new models of business needs. Very digital, very artificially intelligent very robust and I bet very precise with minimal error. And the procurement professional will evolve to a Director of a digital, Artificial Intelligent, connected Orchestra of supply.

That is my take on a post Covid-19 pandemic and where do we go from here. Brace yourself cause it´s going to be a bumpy ride.

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