What is the most striking fact about NASA´s Perseverance Mars Rover? Automation!

Business Punk

To be honest and being very serious, what would a Human Being do if he travels to Mars? This Human will get off his spaceship, with a space suite and go look around and take samples. He would put a flag and when back on earth will be recognized as a worldwide Hero. The fact that sending a human being to mars will be very complicated, dangerous, and risky. High probability of not making it back alive. That said, with the latest advance on automation and remote control we do not need to send a human to look around and collect samples. With technology we can send an unmanned fully automated remote-control Rover. Not only will do everything a human will do but do it very well. We can go further and better with automation. Some people fear that replacing humans with machines will end up in a sci-fi where…

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