Bruno Alvarez Born in Guatemala, Central America, is regarded in Latin America and the Americas as one of the Leading Contracting and Procurement Expert. Has worked, as a full time employee, for global “Fortune 500” companies such as: Shell Royal Dutch, Duke Energy, ICI, Zeneca and others. He has become the leading voice on contracting excellence based on real life experience in tough market. His international experience is second to none. Develop contracting and execution excellence of fuel commodities and large capital projects on the most complex markets such as Latin America and at the same time the world´s largest projects in North America. Have contracted and executed in more than 23 Countries.

Studied at a German Elementary School later to move to Miami Florida, Unites States to get his High school diploma and be regarded as one of the top 100 Outstanding High school Students of America by the US board of education. Moved on to become a Chemical Engineer and later on, professor of Thermodynamics and Physical Chemistry at Universidad Del Valle, one of the best ranked Scientific University in Americas. Moved on to get a post graduate degree on Business Management and have spent most of the professional life learning and practicing the latest concepts on Contracting and procurement, strategic sourcing and the advanced contract models in the Energy, Chemicals and Gas Industries.

If you wish to contact Bruno Alvarez e-mail to: bruno.alvarez@consultant.com


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